5 Characteristics Ladies Locate the Most Alluring in Men

I’ve met many girls in my life About Not Interested in You who were walking paradoxes. The paradox was that they could have all the guys except the guys they cared about.

For example, Anka. She was attractive. As she walked in a springy step, the men followed her with their eyes, and when she looked at them they pretended to be suddenly interested in the stains on the floor. She was constantly surrounded by a wreath of guests who, if they had the DilMil.co courage, would have rushed to her.

Girlfriends asked her how it was possible that she was alone. After all, she would have wrapped everyone around her finger. Maybe it was true, but when her legs softened against someone, her inner order fell apart like toys in the hands of a five-year-old. She was going on one date, a second and a third, and then her phone was starting to make the most obnoxious noise – he said nothing.

Finally, when asked: “Are you still meeting?” she learned to answer:
– Come on! I started to care!

You know it? If so, it’s not that you care. It’s about how you act when you care, and then often:

1. You don’t defend your borders

You normally know what you want and how you want to be treated. Can get your own way and you understand that people who are respected do not ask for this respect. They go where they get it.

Only when you like someone very much, you forget about it. He’s canceling last minute dates, he’s not interested in your life, he’s selfish and you pretend it’s okay. Accessibility is great, right?

Well no. The limits are great , because if you don’t defend something, you show others that it has no value. So what is a guy who sees that you are not defending yourself and can DilMil be squeezed all the time?

Why Are The Guys You Care About Not Interested in You?2. You lose your freedom

As long as you do not care, you are brave, carefree, you are not afraid of offending someone, you flirt freely, you can put things on the edge of a knife, you laugh. You use all shades of emotion, so when someone is with you, it feels like an amusement park shimmering from the lights.

However, all you need to do is start to wonder where you are going, what he feels, and whether he will ever care too much, and you will become sadder, more conservative, cautious. You don’t meet anymore because you enjoy it, but to see if the relationship is going in the right direction. You create calculated scenarios that if you do A, he will do B. In your spare time you worry about what he thinks about you.

At this point, all the lights go out in the amusement park that is your life.

3. You become possessive – About Not Interested in You

Each stage of the relationship has its own captivating moments. In a long-term relationship, these are times when you understand each other without words, so you only need one look to burst out laughing. In the dating stage, the thing is to be free and surf the emotional wave without worrying about what will happen when it’s over.

When you meet someone you really like, you often feel that you can’t afford it. There is jealousy, questioning, limiting and the biggest killer of relationships – pressure .

Men can jump from rooftops to make a YT movie from the People are awesome series, but when they meet a woman who gets involved faster and harder than they do, they always turn out to be cowards.

Not because they don’t like feelings, but because no one wants to jump from carefree flirting to being in a failed marriage of 30 years in a few days.

4. You have doubts whether you are good enough for him

There is nothing worse in a relationship than a woman who worries that she’s not good enough for a guy because then he thinks he can do better. That you are not equal. That he is the treat for which you do tricks like a doggy.

There would be nothing tragic about it, if it were not for the fact that it automatically rules out a good relationship. Instead, it opens the way to all those defective relationships in which interest is spread out disproportionately and which no one takes seriously.

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Does that mean you can’t care? – About Not Interested in You

Not. The point is that with these behaviors you are showing something else. When you care, you take the initiative, you want someone to feel comfortable with you, and you are ready to let them into your life if they want to and if they fit in with you.

On the other hand, when you tense up, put someone on a pedestal and diminish your value, you only communicate that you are insecure and limiting.

Neither of these behaviors is attractive and will even destroy your best qualities. You know why? Because a lot of people are allergic to lactose, gluten and pollen, but literally all of them are allergic to people who cannot value themselves.

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