Top 7 Fantasies One of the top reasons people join sites like Ashley Madison is because. They have an adventurous attitude towards sex and an interest in exploring their fantasies and desires.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, social historian Meghan Laslocky says, “Sexual fantasy is a vital part of who we are. It’s a vital part of what makes us human. a vital part of the human condition. It’s creative and it’s what separates us from animals.”

According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Sex and Medicine. The most popular sexual fantasies are actually pretty routine. From oral sex to feelings of romance during the act, most people would consider these standard bedroom activities.

Looking at recent data reveals a little more insight into. What people are getting off on. With nearly 92 billion porn videos watched during the year. The most frequented searches can give us. An idea of what people are fantasizing about.

While nothing is unusual in the bedroom as long as you have the right partner, here are a few fantasy ideas that transcend the traditional box when it comes to top fantasies among Ashley Madison members and the general public.

Top 7 Fantasies: What Men and Women Really WantWomen: Top 7 Fantasies

Role Play

Whether you’re looking to don a nurses’ outfit or to fully embrace your sexy alter ego, role playing is the easiest and most acted upon fantasy in America. Ashley Madison research has found that much of America has actually acted out their role play fantasies. As many as 30% of men and 25% of women say they have engaged in role play in the bedroom to get in the mood.

Exhibitionism/Unusual Places – Top 7 Fantasies

Ever had the desire to get it on in a public bathroom? On an empty beach? In the forest? Turns out that a number of women fantasize about getting freaky outside of the bedroom. Even the kitchen floor counts!


From light bondage using neckties to full fledged Shibari, Americans are obsessed with the idea of being submissive to their partner. Google Adwords data shows that “submissive” was one of the top 2016 sex search terms!

Domination – Top 7 Fantasies

Taking charge in the bedroom can be a complete thrill. ChinaLove Women are interested in this fantasy of turning the bedroom into a place where they can have complete power over their partner.

On the flip side, studies have found that between 31-57% of women have fantasies of forceful sex. Fantasies don’t mean that’s what they want to happen in real life, but forceful sex fantasies hinge on. The idea that they’re giving up their power in the bedroom.

One Night Stand (Sex w/ Strangers)

While hookup culture and one night stands might seem more common in the younger generation, adults of all ages are taking to sites like Ashley Madison to seek out all kinds of casual encounters.

Group Sex

Fantasies with more than three partners are quite common for women, as these types of videos are among the most searched for by women online.

Threesome (MFF) – Top 7 Fantasies

Good news for men who regularly fantasize about getting their woman in bed with another woman: Women also fantasize about a male/female/female threesome.


Role Play

Considering that Ashley Madison research found that more men than women admitted to role play in the bedroom, it’s safe to say that men are quite excited by the idea. (The good news is that 71% of women like it too!)


More than 90% of men think about oral stimulation when they’re thinking about sex. Receiving blowjobs, multiple women servicing them, and orally pleasing a woman top men’s oral fixation fantasies.

Threesome (MFF) – Top 7 Fantasies

The idea of two women together in the bedroom gets over 80% of men excited according to the study in the Journal of Sex and Medicine.

Anal (Giving & Receiving)

The butt and nothing but the butt is high on men’s lists. Whether they want to give or receive, anal sex tops things. that men think about, the porn they search for, and the things they want to try with their partner.

Ejaculating on a Partner

Maybe this is due to the portrayal of the male orgasm in porn, but men sure do think about this one a lot. Whether it’s on the face, breasts, or butt, men want to finish with some flair.

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Anyone who watches porn has a little bit of a voyeuristic tendency. The act of watching other people getting it on digitally and becoming aroused can translate into wanting to watch. Their partner or other couples in real life.


Exhibitionism takes place on the other end. The spectrum from voyeurism and often involves having sex in unusual places. Where the risk of getting caught could be extremely high. Men and women alike think about this a lot, as evidenced by. The sheer number of stories of people having sex in public bathrooms or work closets.

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