Top 10 Mens Flaws That Women Like

Gentlemen, Top 10 Mens Flaws what if we told you that your little flaws were what made you irresistible in the eyes of women? Top 10 small imperfections that make SharekAlomre women crack.

The “Reserved” side

They may reproach men for being too reserved, for not expressing their feelings, for being lonely, in reality, women love it! And if it makes them crack, it’s simply because it intrigues them and makes you irresistibly mysterious in their eyes!

Shyness – Top 10 Mens Flaws

Are you rather shy and you often think that this handicaps you in love? Not so sure… Because many women confess their penchant for shy men. What do they like? Who knows, but they find it endearing… and sexy!


Are you the type to stumble at the slightest step and knock over anything and everything in your path? Do not panic, women often fall for the “Pierre Richard”. The secret: you make them (smile) laugh… And they melt completely!

Jealousy – Top 10 Mens Flaws

Yes, well, it’s a bit annoying, sometimes oppressive, a jealous man . But when it’s moderate, small attacks from time to time, women love it! It makes them proud and it flatters SharekAlomre.Com them because it proves that you care about them and that you are afraid of losing them. In short, it is a pretty proof of love.

Top 10 Men's Flaws That Women LikeNo one in the kitchen

Are you bad at cooking? Rejoice. Because far from melting for the cordons-bleus, the women completely fall for the men who confuse radishes and leeks… But who still try to get into the kitchen to (try to) concoct a romantic meal for them. To bite!

The scars – Top 10 Mens Flaws

Why ? Because it sounds “warrior”, it sounds “tough”, it says: “not even afraid” and “I will protect you from all the bad guys”. Well, it’s a little sexist but it’s damn sexy!

love handles

So stop, gentlemen, complexing about your love handles. Know that if most women melt in front of chocolate bars, they are also likely to admit their penchant for love handles. Too crunchy, and so pleasant as cushions…

Questionable style of dress – Top 10 Mens Flaws

There are men who have a style… apart. They follow neither fashion nor the elementary rules of elegance… Worse: they accumulate fashion faux pas. Well guess what? Some women fall for men with “amazing” and “unique” clothing styles. Probably because it makes them unique. And also because it says a lot about their personality: those who don’t care about appearances and what people will say…

Developed hair

It’s not a scoop: if women are waging war on hair, many of them fall for male hair (well, don’t hesitate to clear some areas with a little scissor). They see hair as a sign of virility and power. To hell with the hairless torsos of strippers! Translation: it’s really unfair but men don’t need to suffer to be cute…

You talked to each other on the Net or elsewhere, the feeling went well and it’s now time for the first date. You’re both a little worried, nervous, excited. What if you don’t know what to say to each other face to face? Here are some tips for avoiding “blanks” in conversation.

Let the other talk

You can start with her clothes. It’s easy, it doesn’t put the other in difficulty. For example, say to him: “It’s super pretty what you’re wearing! Where did you buy it ? This will give you a great opportunity to get to know her favorite brands and stores to give her a gift if your relationship continues .

Ask him a fun question – Top 10 Mens Flaws

“In your opinion, what are my qualities? And what are my faults ? A good way to turn the question around and find out a little more about your crush.

Ask open-ended questions

Avoid closed questions at all costs: they will necessarily generate a yes or a no; and if it’s a no, you’ll just have to rack your brains again to fill the ensuing void . Ask only open-ended questions like, “What are your hobbies?” “, ” Which sports do you practice ? », « What kind of films do you like? »…

Get inspired by where you are

If, for example, you are at the restaurant, ask him: “Do you like the decor of the restaurant? This will allow you to know a little more about his tastes.

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Add a touch of humor

If a “blank” still occurs, play the humor card. You can either play it cash: “Well, in any case, we don’t disturb our neighbors at the table, we can’t say that we are monopolizing the sound space”; or again: “As a child, I obtained the medal of silence. I see that I still deserve it. “Also take advantage of these “blanks” which can be positive to smile at him/her by looking him/her in the eyes. It will relax the atmosphere while showing that you appreciate it and that these blanks do not taint this moment.

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