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Rating: 2.1 is the niche dating sites representing and East European ladies. Being a part of Anastasia family the site is equipped with numerous sophisticated options such as live chats and CamShare service – a high-quality video chat. In addition, if you are interested in meeting a particular lady face-to-face you have nothing to worry about – all the preparations for your offline date would be done by Russian Brides.


  • More than 25,000 girls registered
  • 20 million users from all over the world
  • 80 million visitors per year
  • Lady’s reply rate 70%
  • Experts’ an users’ rate 7.1


  • Old-fashioned design
  • Not all accounts are verified
  • Communication tools are not to be used for free young ladies have a particular picture around the world: they are treated as given and enthusiastic spouses and as savvy and delicate moms. Men see Russians as the people who know how to deal with the house and how to make day to day life comfortable and wonderful. Thus, there isn't anything amazing in the way that bunches of respectable men are longing for meeting a lady from Russia and consuming the whole time on earth with her. As it very well may be quite difficult men are looking for the help of specialists in the inquiries of dating. Russian Ladies is a piece of Anastasia global gathering of dating and marriage sites.

Truth be told, it looks like the parent site in most of angles: plan is similar, the estimating model is something very similar, the arrangement of free and paid capabilities is something similar, even the data set of individuals you can speak with is something very similar. So for what reason would it be advisable for you to waste time with enlisting at this exact site if can get every one of the administrations on Anastasia Date?

The response is basic. Anastasia is a worldwide entry and deals with different districts. In the interim, the entry committed only to Russia (likewise it manages Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova) can furnish you with additional designated administrations. For example, you can be counseled regarding legitimate guidelines in Russia, get more experiences into social viewpoints and different subtleties. In this way, you get similar nature of administrations yet they are more centered around the setting of Russia. The site is awesome assuming that you are significant in your expectation to date Russian ladies or to wed Russian.

The Quality of Singles at

There are some really great people on, but finding them can often require wading through a lot of fake profiles. The lack of a required verification system does make sign up a lot more convenient, but the payment for that comes in the form of an overwhelming number of catfish, bots, and other fake accounts.

It is important to use the video chatting feature to help ensure you are talking to a real person, and always remember to follow safe online dating practices when using a site like

Ease of Use

If you look through a few Russianbrides reviews you would immediately notice that customers emphasize the simplicity of registration. However, on a contrary to Anastasia Date. You would be asked to provide additional information – not only you name and email. To sign up you have to give your credit card number and pay a charge of $15.99.

This money will be given you back immediately after the registration process is over. Russianbrides has the clear and simple interface: you need no specific. Hints to get used to navigating it in a few minutes. The site is available in English, Spanish. And Swedish so that you can choose the language. Which is the most convenient for you. In a case, you have any questions or problems with. The site the customer support team will consult you. Whenever you need as it works 24/7 and is ready to help any client to avoid inconveniences.



Don't go here and there when boredom surrounds you, and you want someone who can have a conversation with you. Just become a part of Russianbrides and enjoy. Here we have shared a detailed Review that will help you to understand whether you want to connect with them or not. Things are quite simple when you are utilizing this platform, and no one is ever going to ask why are you using it. Your details will be confidential, and unless you are not sharing your details with anyone you know. A person can get an idea about it. Grab your mobile now, and be ready to perform the login.

  • Business
  • Mobile Number+1-800-480-8077
  • Email
  • Websitehttps://www.russianbrides com/
  • Address103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza Victoria, New York 10018, Seychelles

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a legitimate platform?

Yes, is a reputable and legitimate platform that prioritizes user safety and satisfaction. The platform's stringent verification processes and anti-scam measures ensure a secure environment for building connections.

How does handle language barriers? offers translation services to facilitate smooth communication between members who speak different languages. This feature eliminates language barriers, allowing individuals to connect effortlessly.

Are success stories on genuine?

Absolutely. The success stories shared on are real accounts from couples who found love through the platform. These stories reflect the authenticity and effectiveness of the platform in fostering meaningful relationships.

Can I join for free?

While joining is free, certain features and services may require a subscription fee. This investment ensures access to advanced communication tools and a higher level of engagement on the platform.

How does ensure user safety? employs advanced security measures to protect user data and privacy. The platform's dedicated team actively monitors and addresses any suspicious activities, creating a secure environment for users to connect.

How do I get started on

Getting started on is easy. Simply create a profile, browse through potential matches, and initiate conversations with those who pique your interest. The platform's user-friendly interface guides you every step of the way.

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  • Useless, most of the time the app doesn’t work properly. Spend most of the time waiting for the app to work. Would not recommend until they sort it.

  • Terrible in all regards, up charges , no phone number, freezes my new iPad, sucks on selection, etc

  • The site is very creative when it comes to the methods for getting your bucks. Better find other avenues.Their only flaw is ladies are overseas and you have to travel there. That was the only thing that made me hesitant at first. On the other hand, those trips always gave me the experience of a lifetime. The ladies were super hot: little black dress, Gucci aroma, high heels and lace lingerie type of women. Hot and REAL!! I hope they keep on rocking the game, so that next time I travel there I will finally pick up my wife – I’m determined to get married this year. I should have not wasted money on this site because of my impatience. These phony lame sites make you act out of impulse. All they can offer is a showcase of fake photos.

  • They are money robbing new investors sabotaging the site with there high number of members just to try and get super rich …no one users’s pretty much dead now and the price of coins triples every time I download app lol it use to be free with ads … it was great in early years investors/owners ruined it

  • Don’t use the customer care number doesn’t work and I’ll never go on this web dating website again I’m trying to figure out how to cancel my membership I’ve been advised others to do the same.

  • After making an account, I have been contacted by dozens of girls. When I have replied to some of them, I realized nobody replied me back. All of those where bots.

  • I feel like a moron for paying for a 6 month membership without reading reviews first! This site is awful. So expensive to be shown a few hand picked singles each day without being able to search through profiles yourself. Absolute waste of time.

  • This website is deceiving. You will get multiple views but they are bot views. If you message someone most of they do not reply. The views are to bait you to subscribe. Lastly if you finally get a message it will be for short time until they Ghost you.

  • Why bother. Site uses outdated photos and profiles! To date not one single response to smiles or messages. The matches must be deceased!

  • It is basically an email service where you can email with other members – of which there don’t seem to be many of. Paying members can email back and forth. Non paying members are able to send “smiles” so it is pretty much like third grade. You get a lot of “smiles” but what’s the point if you can’t carry on a conversation? It wasn’t a complete waste of money but it’s pretty damn close to it..

  • It is a semi waste of money. They don’t really do any matches, it is really just going through tons of pictures, some of which are not even registered with the site.

  • They try to get extra money for what other sites include in the basic package. Your preferences for potential partners are ignored unless you pay more. You do not know if your messages have been opened unless you pay. Avoid at all costs.

  • Fake girls, just trying to keep you chatting. You pay per text, girls will not agree to chat off the ap. If they were paying they would want to get off the ap also. Scam.

  • This is the best fraud that I have seen in the dating app, almost all the couples are robots or false people who never show thenselves as they really are, and what they are looking for is gift cards that ask you with different pretexts; anyway if you do not want to be scammed stay away from this app.