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Dil Mil

Dil Mil is a dating app popular among single expats from South Asia. It intends to fill the world with love by presenting a specific matching service. The download bar shows more than 100,000 successful installations of this app. The growing rate also approves the app request amid the target users of new installations each day. The developers of this service made a bet for the South Asian background and focused the app functionality to the needs. Users can experience personalized matches basing on their religious and cultural favorites. But this does not mean that this app is shut to other people. DilMil.co If you are not an expat from South Asia, you can also try your chance with this dating app. The website tells about successful matches and marriage stories. The founders assume the app is good. They can even talk about a few happy relations born with the Dil Mil app every day!


The dating application works as an aggregator of the best counterparts for the clients. The determination is performed in light of subtleties the singles show. Download the application and run it to begin your mission. The application offers enlistment by telephone or on Facebook. The following stage will be to finish up a profile, which is the way to getting the right matches. Five fundamental subtleties decide the selection of possibilities. These are the level, local area, religion, profession, and training of the client. To get the best up-and-comers, finish up these subtleties. Additionally, DilMil.co recommends empowering area. When the profile is done, the client can see their true capacity matches. In the event that you like a match, you really want to swipe to one side. To pass, you really want to swipe to one side. To see a photograph or data about a match, you really want to tap on the screen. In the event that the client prefers the profile back, it implies you are coordinated!


The enlistment cycle is straightforward and is the most widely recognized for such applications. In the wake of introducing and running Dil Mil on the telephone, the client ought to pass the enlistment. The application submits utilizing a Facebook application. This is the main choice to make a record in this matchmaking application. On the off chance that there is an issue during enlistment, you can explain the most regular cases in help. This can be some unacceptable age data on your Facebook account. You can not utilize the Dil Mil dating application assuming that you are under 18. You may likewise have issues on the off chance that you don't have photographs on your Facebook page. The application maintains that should be certain the client is genuine and is definitely not a phony. Dil Mil will import photographs and proposes picking the ones that are liked for the profile. After effective enrollment, answer the inquiries for additional subtleties. Whenever you're finished with your profile, you can swipe up potential coordinates and cooperate with them.


The dating application for South Asians has a cool plan. Brilliant and succulent photographs move to cherish and search for your best match. The usefulness of the application is thought out to the littlest detail and doesn't come areas of strength for excessively clients. The matchmaking application is not difficult to utilize. Regardless of whether you have never utilized such, instinctively, all that will be clear. Matches are framed in light of five subtleties that the client shows for the potential. The structure tone and text dimension are satisfying the eye. Dil Mil is easy to use and offers greatest outcomes through most extreme straightforwardness. The dating application involves the heart as a logo. In most South Asian dialects, "heart" deciphers as "Dil." To that end clients send a heart to their true capacities and hold on to get it back, affirming the match!


The application has a straightforward and compelling client check technique. In this manner, all profiles will give legitimate and straightforward client subtleties. The quantity of phony records additionally will in general no on account of this. Center around the five fundamental features of potential matches that empower you to bring together and recommend choices as precisely as could really be expected. The dating application for South Asians imports photographs from an informal organization. You will have the event to conclude which one you need to find in your profile, and which one won't be generally excellent. All client profiles are exceptionally short however incorporate central issues. Fortunately all clients can see the profile photographs in the free adaptation of the Dil Mil application. If the client has any desire to change or address the data in the profile, it is feasible to do it later. In the event that the profile is by all accounts a phony, you can report it. Tap on the three white specks in the upper right corner of the screen to grumble.

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Finally, here we have shared all the related details about finding the right companion on the Dil Mil portal. We suggest you not wait anymore because opportunities never know your door again and again. You can easily find out the right companion with whom you can have a long conversation without thinking about time. But make sure you are not violating the rules and regulations because if you are troubling any person on the portal and Developers to find it out, your account will be terminated from the portal.

  • Business NameDil Mil
  • Email IDsupport@DilMil.com
  • Websitehttps://dilmil.co/
  • Address695 5th St APT 10, San Francisco, United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dil Mil Safe for Cross-Cultural Connections?

Absolutely. Dil Mil places a strong emphasis on security, implementing stringent measures and profile verification procedures.

Can I Access Dil Mil on My Mobile Device?

Certainly! Dil Mil offers a user-friendly mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring connectivity anytime, anywhere.

Is Dil Mil Limited to Romantic Relationships?

While many users seek romantic connections, Dil Mil embraces various relationship dynamics, from friendships to lasting partnerships.

Ensuring Privacy on Dil Mil

User privacy is paramount. Dil Mil empowers users with privacy controls and secure communication channels.

Is Dil Mil a Secure Platform for Cross-Cultural Connections?

Absolutely. Dil Mil places utmost importance on security, implementing stringent measures and thorough profile verification.

Can I Access Dil Mil via Mobile Devices?

Certainly! Dil Mil offers a user-friendly mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring seamless connectivity anytime, anywhere.

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  • Terrible exprience. Such a manipulative app and it’s full of “bugs” (I wouldn’t be surprised if they were intentional). I don’t seem to consistent number of right swipes , some days I can swipe only 5 some days I can do up to 10, I don’t understand how that works. You’re matches don’t appear in the mentioned section either. And profiles keep resurfacing even after you you swipe on them. You swipe again and the number of right swipes you can do goes down. WTH. I’d give -ve star if possible.

  • The worst of all out there. The push notifications never worked on Android and iOS. I have been emailing about this bug in their app for ages. They banned my account. First, they said they need to verify my ID. After I send my ID, they said I sent some inappropriate media and hence they can’t remove the ban, which is totally false and a retaliation act for sending them emails about their buggy app. They did not provide any evidence of me violating their terms as there isn’t one.

  • It used to be a nice app with legit and active profile, and with a good chance of finding matches. Now, all they want to do is sell their subscriptions. I doubt they even register your likes and will let you match with anyone if you are not subscribed with them. I sometimes feel it’s just a scam, Google should reomve this app from their store.

  • Really bad application from a technical perspective. Multiple times I have got a match and when I click on send message it does not open the message screen or if I haut decide to message later , that person is no longer visible in any matched screen. At times the screen just goes blank or unresponsive.

  • Super finicky App. The picture gets stuck while trying to go to read someone’s profile. Requiring me to press the back button multiple times until I reach to the first picture of the person and then only the profile closes and I have to try again. While trying to upload a portrait picture it considers it as landscape and turns the picture 90 degrees. If I turn the picture 90 degrees using a photo editor to correct the behavior, then it flips the other side. In landscape orientation. Frustrating

  • I hope this will be the one I grow old with… I am glad I rejoined this website for three weeks.He is a kind, thoughtful &, smart man. He is open, honest, and we have a great deal in common.

  • I read a lot of reviews here about fake profils on this website. Yes, I have been contacted by many “girls” who’s profile picture includes a phone number with the message “Text me”. I always reported them and blocked them and had no problem.

  • I don’t understand the logic of allowing people that we block to see our profile again and again? They are unable to message so why let them see our profiles? This doesn’t make sense…you just want it to seem like you have so many profiles ? I’m blocking them because I don’t want them to see me! Also i paid for a subscription but people outside my match criteria keep messaging me which is a waste of time. Wont be renewing.

  • They take your money then block you for no reason citing you have violated their terms. I did not violate any terms, I had a normal account with normal photos and did not abuse anyone. Read other reviews I am not the only one they have done this to.

  • They do control what you want to say, they read your email, they block your email address or cell number, not worth it, and also I think all female are working there, why should a female has 3 or 4 profile with different age, and different name on profile.

  • I would give this company 0 if it was an option. Please DO NOT use this website. You pay way over the odds for a service that’s extremely poor. Match provide a far better service for about a quarter of the cost. This company also takes money without your permission and they don’t tell you about it and then refuse to pay it back.

  • I have had over £209 taken out of my account and I have not authorised this. My membership says 6mths to. 21.12.21. I cannot afford this, I cannot get hold of anyone to talk to. My friend overseas was catfished by someone on this site and he still operates even though this site is aware of him. I will be taking this further. Not happy.

  • This is a terrible site. Can’t personalize your own profile, the search option is a joke, I get men & women who may or may not be actual people. And the very few who are a match are several hundred miles away. I asked for a refund after a couple days of actually using the site and they refused. Also paying 6 months for anything this cheaply designed should be unlawful!.

  • Terrible service. Can not get in touch with them. Terrible site to respond to anyone. Not a bit satisfied. Would not recommend them to anyone.

  • I’ve been on this site a few weeks. It wasn’t bad at first. But now, I’ve been finding the site is sending out flirts on my behalf without my knowledge. I don’t know what’s going on. Has my page been hacked? Makes no sense. I’ve never seen photos of these people, and they are getting messages I “liked” them, then they respond to me. I have to tell them, I never “liked” their photo. To make things worse, you can’t contact this company direct.

  • I had my profile set to hidden and hadn’t filled out much along with uploading one photo. All of a sudden I get bombarded with sleezy messages. I was really put off by it and contacted customer service for a refund and to de-activate my account. No response of course. I’ll stick with eharmony, they have a better reputation and only matches can contact you along with having settings that work correctly.

  • All fake profiles, the girls you swipe appears multiple time, very limited profiles, Offers you to buy subscription to provide you extra profiles, Each and every Girl who msg me asking for money for providing adult stuff, Full of scammers, high data consumption

  • What are people doing about getting sucked into the 12 months contract? Can anyone help me? I refuse to pay as I did NOT sign up for 12 months. Will this give me a bad credit rating? I have spoken to this site and got absolutely nowhere. Now I have a collection agency after me. Absolutely FURIOUS!!!! The 800+ negative reviews should speak for themselves. Seems I’m not the only person sucked into this death trap of a contract. I will keep fighting this as it’s an absolute JOKE. If anyone could please share any help and/or shed some light on how to go about this, I’d really appreciate it.