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In the seduction department, there are the great classics. And then there are the little things that sometimes make all the difference. Here are 5 details that women love about men. Gentlemen, it’s time to take notes. Top 5.

Men who say no – Women Love About Men

Contrary to what one might imagine, nothing annoys a woman so much as a man who says yes to everything, who seems to have neither opinion nor opinion nor personality. Even if he does YourLatinMates it to please her, it’s unbearable. Women, on the contrary, love men who are not afraid to contradict them, and who assume to have a different opinion!

Grown men

Few women remain indifferent to a man with an impressive general knowledge (but who does not show it for all that), who knows and can discuss everything, in short, who knows everything about everything! If he knows how to impress her and be interesting without coming across as pretentious , he will have already won almost everything!

5 Things Women Love About MenMen with a sense of humor – Women Love About Men

Attention, it is not a question of clowning around with a lot of jokes from Toto but rather of handling self-mockery and the second degree, of knowing how to keep a certain lightness and to have a caustic look at life and things . But be careful not to rest on your laurels either: because if “laughing woman is half in your bed”, you would be very annoyed with a half-woman YourLatinMates.Com by your side. Hence the need to show other qualities…

The artists “

He paints, he draws, he sings, he composes… in short, he has a little extra “something” that makes girls fall in love. Because in the minds of these ladies, an artist is necessarily romantic, dreamy, sensitive, quirky and “misunderstood”. With him, everyday life will inevitably be magical and full of surprises. The artist understands women, he knows what they like and what makes them happy…

Those who are “far away” – Women Love About Men

Why do women love long distance relationships so much ? Because they tend to fantasize and idealize their love stories. Even if the distance is harsh, it sublimates the relationship and makes the moments when we are together unique and magical.

You have been in a relationship for some time and you would like to move up a gear. But is Chéri ready to commit? Here are 5 signs that prove his time hasn’t come yet. It’s up to you if you’re ready to wait.

It’s a detail, but one that is very important: when he spends the night with you , he takes great care not to forget any of his belongings: clothes, accessories, toiletries. And when you offered to wash his dirty laundry and return it “next time,” he refused. No doubt: he is afraid to commit and does not want to give you any false hope.

When you are the one who spends the night at his place, he does not try to arrange spaces just for you in his drawers or in the bathroom. And when you accidentally forget something, he doesn’t hesitate to bring it back to you right away, claiming that you could surely need it. Yeah…

On your side, you introduced him to all your friends , your colleagues and even your brothers and sisters. But he invariably continues to find excuses not to introduce his entourage to you. It’s a bad sign…

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Or at least that’s the conclusion you made. And for good reason: when you offered to organize a meeting with your parents, he first seemed panicked before promising to try to find “a niche” on the pretext of a busy schedule in recent times. weeks. Result: it was six months ago and since then, he has never spoken to you about it again…

When he talks about the future, he doesn’t include you, and he never says “we”. The proof that he does not project himself, at least not immediately, into a future by your side. Also, when he talks about the coming months or years, he only seems to have “plans” like traveling or having fun, but no real plans like buying a house or having children. Which means he’s probably still in ” single ” mode. So do you really have time to wait for his desires to evolve? Up to you…

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